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We are a group of physicians, surgeons and scientists, working collaboratively in the field of sinonasal cancers, nasopharyngeal cancer and skull base tumors (European Network for Sinonasal Cancer Research, EUSICA).


EUSICA is a non-hierarchical, multi-disciplinary, multi-national collaboration of centres across Europe, the UK and Ireland, offering a platform for collaboration. EUSICA works closely with partners across Europe and the globe, e.g. EURACAN, etc.


EUSICA has also recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Cole-Reagins Registry for Sinonasal Cancer (CORSICA) which has been ratified at the 4th EUSICA Board meeting. The aim of this collaboration is to harmonise prospective data collection for a global analysis of data in years to come and further work is currently ongoing to harmonise the data collection across all platforms.

This feeds into work on a global network, i.e. the International Network of Sinonasal Cancer, Nasopharyngeal Cancer and Brain Cancer Research (INSICA-Brain; which has so far been the vehicle to publish multicentre collaborative papers on the largest datasets on these tumors worldwide, data which informs about improvements of staging systems and guidelines.

Both EUSICA and INSICA-Brain are initiatives and are formally supported and embedded in the work of the Head and Neck Cancer Research Trust ( through which this work and the annual meetings are funded and through which donations can be received. 


Proposals for future research programmes have been discussed at the 6th EUSICA Board Meeting in Madrid in September 2022 and have undergone wider consultation at the EUSICA meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark, in May 2023. Interface working groups are open to everyone and have been run informally by interested members.

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