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EUSICA/INSICA Brain 2024 Dissection Course

Embedded in the EUSICA/INSICA-Brain 2024 Meeting at the ExCeL centre in London, this course will offer a unique dissection experience with a world-renowned faculty.


Garret Choby (University of Pittsburgh)

Ehab Hanna (MD Anderson Cancer Center)

Ciaran Hill (University College London)

Jason Fleming (University of Liverpool)

Matt Lechner (University College London)

Nyall London (Johns Hopkins University)

Jayakar Nayak (Stanford University)

Nick Eynon-Lewis (Barts Health. London)

Jens Peter Klussmann (University of Cologne)

Saleh Okhavat (University of Glasgow)

Andrew Thamboo (University of British Columbia)

Mario Turri-Zanoni (University of Varese, Italy)

Benjamin Verrilaud (Paris)

Christian von Buchwald (University of Copenhagen)

Robbie Woods (Beaumont Hospital, Ireland)

International Webinar Series

This webinar series is held jointly with Oncology Professional Care.

2024 programme coming soon.

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